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Innovation Project Tips - ENG

Describe an education innovation project that you plan to initiate in your institution. Projects that demonstrate a link to improving the health of the community, region or country of the applicant’s institution will be given higher priority. In two pages or less describe your project using the headings provided below: 

Title: Provide short title. 

Name of Institution supporting your project

Need for the intervention: why is this project important?

This is your opportunity to explain conditions at your school or in your local or regional environment that create the need for your project. Include any useful background information about relevant social or institutional issues, as well as any prior research or work in the proposed domain of your project. Do not explain the planning or implementation steps of your project here – these should be described in the Methods section. 

Literature Reference  

Cite three references in the literature that could serve as an introduction to some of the concepts in your project. References should help explain the local context for your project, describe similar work in other countries or in other health professions, or provide education theory or other background information related to your project.

For example, a project to develop a problem based curriculum might cite:

Michael J. Where’s the evidence that active learning works? Advances in Physiology Education 2006; 30:159-167 

Goals and objectives: specifically, what will be achieved?

What do you hope will have changed as a result of your project by the end of one or two years? The goals of your project are likely to be broader than the goals of the specific course or program you may be designing since they will likely impact the faculty, the institution, or the community, as well as the students you may be teaching. In addition, if you are proposing to develop a course, what will the participants be able to do by the end of the course? Do not explain the planning or implementation steps of your project here – these should be described in the Methods section. 

Methods: how will you go about achieving these objectives?  

Please explain the planning and implementation steps you anticipate for the development of your project. Indicate concrete actions from inception through the conclusion of the project. Be as specific as possible: for example, who will do the work at each step, who is the target audience, what methods will be used? 


Creating a timeline for the steps you describe in Methods will help you assess the feasibility of your plan. How long will each step take? 


Projects usually cost money. How much money, if any, will be needed? Where will that money come from? FAIMER does not provide money for projects, so any necessary funding must come from your college or university, government agency, or other funding source. We believe your project is more likely to be sustained if funds come from local resources. What will the money be spent for? 


Given the amount of work required, and the resources that you have available to complete your project, help us understand how it will be possible to complete this project, or an identified component of this project, in one year? What obstacles do you anticipate and how will you overcome them? 

Program evaluation:

Look at the goals for your project – these are the things you believe will have changed in the next one or two years as a result of your project. How would an outsider be able to see or measure that these goals have been achieved? 


What do you believe will be the impact of your project on your institution, your community? If an outsider were to come back in five or ten years, what would be different?